“Necessary Parameters” refers to parameters relevant to the pseudocode

Consensus Response

Necessary Parameters:
    message from node contributing to consensus

Assert that the node is in validator list
Assert that the node has not already voted on consensus
Assert that the node is proposing consensus for the correct block index

Put node in list of voted validators
If a vote has already been created for this blockhash
    Add voter node’s hash to the list created for the blockhash (to “submit” its vote)
If this node’s vote introduces a new block and its “previous_hash” field matches the last block on the blockchain
    Create a vote for this blockhash

Assert that there are no duplicate transactions in the attached list
    For each transaction in the attached transaction list:
        Try to submit a vote from this node for the transaction hash
        If that fails:
            Create a vote for this transaction hash and store the transaction
            Then submit a vote from this node for the transaction hash

Begin timeout thread for the Validator Consensus (in case some nodes don’t respond in a timely manner)

If all validators have now voted, begin the Validator Consensus


Necessary Parameters:
    JSON package to decrypt

Extract signature, encrypted key, and encrypted message from JSON
Decrypt symmetric key with this node’s private key
Decrypt message with decrypted symmetric key
Retrieve public key of sender node using its “from” hash of the decrypted message
Calculate hash of decrypted message
Verify signature using retrieved public key and hash of decrypted message

Return: Decrypted and decoded message


Necessary Parameters:
    message to encrypt
    destination node

Generate symmetric encryption key
Create hash of message
Retrieve public key using destination node
Create signature using this node’s private key and message hash
Encrypt message using symmetric key
Encrypt symmetric key using public key
Output_JSON = {
                    encrypted symmetric key,
                    encrypted message

Return: Encoded Output_JSON

Power Consensus Process (Aggregator Fabrication)

This process enacts upon timing out while awaiting a power reference message

At the node that detected the disconnect:

    Kill/erase the timer thread that called this function
    The thread identifier is actually the port of the disconnected node, so report it to the smart contract
    Send power request to all other connected nodes

At the nodes receiving the power request:

    Upon receipt of power request, nodes reply with their current power/last received power reference

At the node that detected the disconnect:

    Upon receipt of power reply from each node:
        start a timer for consensus if not started already
        add received power to list of node powers

    if received power from all nodes or the timeout above executes:
        kill the thread (if applicable)
        create an empty aggregated power reference

        for each recorded power in list of node powers:
            (Unofficial Estimation:)
            insert current power at beginning of aggregated reference
            insert horizon at end of aggregated reference

        Tell DMPC program to update the power reference input (V) with the fabricated aggregated reference

        Attempt to respond with sensitvity as normal


Necessary Parameters:
    Callback function for when the timer expires
    Duration of the timer
    (Optional) Thread identifier for timer threads in a list
    (Optional) Argument for the Callback function

Record instantiation time of this thread
Begin infinite thread loop:
    if time since instantiation exceeds specified duration:
        enact the callback function (with argument if applicable)
        exit/kill this thread
    delay a small amount of time (0.05 seconds)

Update Wallets

Necessary Parameters:

Clear current wallet/balances dictionary

For each block in the blockchain:
    For each transaction in the block:
        Add transaction value to recipient balance

For each transaction in current transaction list:
    Add transaction value to recipient balance

Validator Consensus

Necessary Parameters:
    None (accepts a thread identifier from timeout though)

Kill the timer thread
Sort validators’ votes by quantity

Append most popular voted block to our blockchain
Insort any transaction (by timestamp) that has a majority vote
Pop any transactions that date before this new block

Pay validators incentive if their vote matches the majority
Pay validators penalty if their vote does not match
Pay any reported nodes a penalty if they have been reported by a majority of nodes

Select new validators
Update wallets
Update chain in file
Update transactions in file
Reset consensus variables